Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Favorite Toy

My meemaw and pop pop went to St. Augustine for a week and brought me something back from there. It was a mouse bird on a stick. I loved playing with this toy because I could do it by myself and it would just roll around. Well one day I got a little rough with it and ripped off the fur. So now it is just a plastic shell on a stick. My toy is no longer. Here is a picture of the remains:

So sad I loved this toy. I guess I am just a bad kitty.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break!!!!!!!

I am absolutely beside myself this week because me and my mom are on spring break!!! Yes one of the advantages of my mom still being in college is that we get to celebrate this time of the year and not have to worry about being part of the working world. So my spring break started with some intense partying as you can tell by my morning after picture and the expression on my face.

I know in my last post I was visiting my meemaw and pop pop but I am back there due to some construction at our home so we are spending spring break with them. I am more than excited to see my aunts and they are more than excited to see my bed. Here is Panda and Susie sleeping in my bed.

My grandmother got me a new toy which I love it is half bird half mouse two things that I love here are some pictures of me playing with it.

But the best toy of all was a pink bag from my mom's birthday which being a bad cat that I am jumped up on the table to play with.

But now I have returned back to college with my mom and it is time for some much needed rest!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Visiting Meemaw and Pop pop

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go visit what my mom likes to call meemaw and pop pop. But I know them as the people that spoil me with treats and toys. I also get to see all of my fur relatives my Aunt Bostons and the Aunt Kitties. Here I am with Aunt Susie and Aunt Bumby:

They tolerate me to say the best but for the most part I am on my own for playmates when I visit meemaw and pop pop. But that doesn't mean humans wont play with me. Here is Pop pop playing with me and the basket one of my favorite things to do....

Me and pop pop have a special relationship where he will only show his true feelings towards me when we are playing and he sees me as entertaining because I am still this young thing. Meemaw likes to feed me wet food and feeds me more wet food then i get when I am at home with ma so that is always a special treat.
One of my favorite things to do at meemaw and pop pop's is to sun myself in the sun on their couch if the other animals let me do that. So here for a final shot is me in the sun on the couch. 
I hope everyone has a good weekend as good as the one I had last weekend. Paw prints Miss Darcy!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Recovering at Home

A few days ago my mom took me to this strange place where she dropped me off really early in the morning. I was then surrounded by a bunch of strange people with masks while I laid on steel table. Then everything went black.......... then I woke up in a cage with a funny funnel on my face next to something barking and another cat. I felt very sleepy and wondering where my mom was.

Hours later still in my cage my mom showed up on the otherside of the bars. She kept asking me how I was doing and how the surgery was and she looked near tears. Finally she took me out of the cage and held me. She started talking to one of the strange people with the masks about me and I could tell she was a little upset. She put me back down and said she would be back the next day.

After a quiet night in the cage a nice person came to the cage and picked me up. Next thing I knew I saw my mom through the carrier waiting to pick me up. I finally had that uncomfortable funnel off so I thought I was home free on that front. When we got done with the grueling car ride we were finally home. Right when we walked through the door I barely had a moment to breath and my mom put the funnel back on me with my aunt holding me down. Though at first I didn't like the funnel now we have a special bond and I kind of like it. Here are two pictures of me with the funnel on.

Right now I am feeling pretty sleepy. I spend most of my days sleeping and I don't even wake my mom up at 7 am anymore I sleep just as long as she does so I can tell she is happy about that. Well it is about time for me to take another cat nap!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

They call me Princess Darcy

Hello, let me introduce myself my name is Darcy I am four and three quarters months old and already a princess. Everyday my mom likes to remind me of where I was born which was one Tuesday morning in the pantry of the apartment along with three brothers. I was the only girl so that makes me the princess of the family. My favorite thing to do with my free time is jump on tables even though my mom and aunts yell at me everytime sometimes I like to see how much I can get away with. I have even started to be a bad influence on my older brother who lives with me because now he is jumping into sinks which I don't even know how that is possible.

Here I am being a bad kitty on my mom's laptop. This is my new favortie hobby to sit on laptops even though my mom tells me this is a bad idea for when I am bigger I will probably break it but this is just the princess in me.
As I mentioned before I come from a normal sized family of three brothers. Being the only girl I am the smallest one of my family I am just under five pounds while my brother is much over five pounds. Here is a picture of me and my family sleeping, I am the cute one in the front with my three brothers behind. That is Sammi, Meeko, and Blaze.

My mom was nice enought to get me my favorite thing in the whole world the Kitty Kube. I sleep in it all the time but my brother usually fights me for it but I usually get it because I am a princess. Here I am sleeping in my kitty kube.

Well I am getting awfully tired of this whole blogging thing so that is it for now. Miss Darcy out.